Nabeel Abed Academy

Teaching Online Workshop

Teaching online has become a fast-growing industry in recent times. With good pay and flexible times, why not cash in on the opportunity?

What we have found is that people often go into online teaching with the same general mindset and this is what needs to change. A game plan needs to be developed. We need to create a road map.

During our 6 DAY TEACHING ONLINE WORKSHOP we don’t just show you how it works, but we go a step further to help you create that road map.

During the workshop we look at –

  1. Introduction to online teaching – private Vs school.
  2. CV and video set up.
  3. Understanding the technology involved.
  4. Marketing
  5. Finding work and applying.
  6. Demo lesson presentation.

Not only do we show these to you but also guide and facilitate your progress even after the workshop because we believe that learning never ends!

Requirements to register for the Teaching Online Workshop –

You must have one of the following to qualify:

  • TEFL 120 hour certificate.
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Teaching Experience.
  • For a more details regarding registration and payments please get in touch. Keep in mind that we only register 10 students a time.