Nabeel Abed Academy

Four Model System

What is the four model system?

This is a program designed to guide you through the fundamentals of finding work. Understand the four areas helps you better prepare towards your journey. Whether you are looking at working online or moving abroad the four model system is perfect, and is available to anybody, not just those within the education industry.

Salary Expectation – Get a deeper understanding in terms of what your financial needs are. By doing this you will be able to clearly determine your salary. Understand the salary before accepting it. Whether you are working locally or abroad, understanding the salary provides a better understanding of how it impacts your decisions.

CV Writing – Putting a CV together does not have to be complicated at all. It a simple process but must be clearly understood which is why our CV writing model has its own PDF that clearly highlights the details for you.

Job search, communication and application – In this model we look at how to search for work, communicate with companies or individuals, and how to apply to the positions that fits your profile.

Interviews – Everybody assumes that during the interview, you are to only answer questions and not ask them. This is partly correct. Remember that during an interview, you want to be able use the time to also scope out the company to see if they are a good fit for you.

Support – after the 4 models you will receive constant support until finding work.

Additional to the program –
This support can be in the form of Email, voice/video call, one on one meetings which are pre- scheduled. The aim of the support is to constantly be behind you to motivate and encourage you as well as make the necessary tweaks if and when needed. Coaching support also focuses on after finding work. This entails looking at how you are getting along with your new co-workers and new environment; perhaps there are misunderstandings or little issues that may need to be handled carefully.

Requirements to register for the Four Model System –

There are no requirements for this program. For a more details regarding registration and payments please get in touch. Keep in mind that we only register 10 students a time.