Nabeel Abed Academy


Evidence based Consulting – 

We are not here to just talk and point in directions that makes no sense. Evidence based consulting is all about presenting you with facts. Whether it’s related to moving abroad or working online. Deciding a curriculum for your child or navigating through school trying to make it easier for your child.

With over 12 years in industry and living abroad as a teacher, professional development coordinator, academic coordinator, vice principal, recruiter and career coach – Nabeel Abed has now reintroduced consultations to help give you direction towards where you want to go and how to get there before you take any decisions that you may not be happy with later on.

The understanding of what we want vs what we need needs to be clearly defined. Too often are we clouded by the judgments and opinions of others. What needs to be asked is, are we living life to please other people or are we living life for OURSELVES? What we want is often what we see from other people or what what we hear. Most often we try to move in that direction yet even though encouraged by “friends“ are often turned down by those very “friends”

What do I mean?

We may want to work online or move abroad and we speak to our “friends” or family, we may also speak to people who are friends of “friends” and as inviting as their talks may be, you are always met with negativity!
You may have heard of these before – the company isn’t hiring at the moment, you must have a degree, they don’t really treat foreigners very well…Unfortunately we have to listen to that day in and day out because that is probably the only access to info many have. That changes today with our evidence based consulting which aims to advise you in the best of ways that you need by not just saying but also showing how things actually do work so that you are not discouraged and are able to make the right choices moving forward! 

Topics Covered in consultations – 

  1. Visas
  2. Work Abroad
  3. Work online
  4. Salary Expectation
  5. Work contracts and benefits
  6. Recruitment times and procedures
  7. Interview Preparations
  8. Changing careers
  9. Starting a new business

Take note –

  1. Do note that payment must be made in order to confirm your booking.
  2. There will be no refunds on cancellations from your side.
  3. If you are late or miss your scheduled appointment- you would need to re- book and make a new payment. Your previous payment will
    be forfieted.
  4. All consultations last no longer than two hours.
  5. There is no minimum time on how short a consultation should be.
  6. Should you need to reschedule. This can be done at least an hour before the arranged time – rescheduling accordingly will not
    require any additional payments.
  7. Sessions will take place via one of the following apps – Telegram, WhatsApp, FB Messenger or Zoom (You may select an app that is most convenient for you)
  8. Consulting packages can be created upon request.
 Fee – R1500.00
 Registration link will be emailed to you or send through via WhatsApp.